Building long term relationships with our staff and customers is "Key" to our sastisfaction.

Our client's complete satisfaction is the "Key" to our success.

Key Cleaning Service, Inc. is a full service building maintenance contractor with nearly 30 years of commercial and industrial cleaning experience. Our mission is to provide the customer with high quality, cost effective contract cleaning solutions with a focus on developing long-term relationships.

As a result, we have customers that we have retained for over 20 years and employees with senority of 5 to 15 plus years!

We feel that these relationships set us apart from the rest! Our long-term relationships are a direct result of our efforts to make continuous improvements not only in cleaning but in other associated areas. In addition, our employees' experience and dedication to the job at hand makes Key Cleaning Services, Inc. a true value.

As with any relationship time must be invested to keep things on track. We invest in these relationships by continuously examining our customers' needs. One of the ways we do this is through regular inspections. A manager will inspect each facility to make certain our high standards are maintained. This also gives us the opportunity to review our service with the customer to make certain of their satisfaction. Results of these inspections are then reviewed with the employee(s) responsible for that facility.

Additionally, each of our commercial facilities has a check-list desiged uniquely for that site. This assures that each item we are contracted to provide is being addressed at the proper time intervals. The employee responsible for these services reviews and fills out this list at each cleaning.

Key Cleaning Services, Inc. is a moderately sized company, currently servicing around 60 accounts on a regular basis with many more that require periodical projects. Our current staff is approximately 40 employees. Give Key Cleaning Services, Inc. a call today to experience the peace of mind that our personalized service provides!!

We can provide GREEN cleaning. Ask us about these products/services.

References available upon a request