Commercial Janitorial

Commercial cleaning services performed by a professional, reliable team. We work with you to create a customized cleaning plan tailored for your facility.

Window Cleaning

We provide commercial window cleaning. We are proud to comply with OSHA safety standards and we are fully bonded and insured.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial and residential carpet and upholstery cleaning you can trust. Semi-annual and annual maintenance programs available. Even better, residential carpet cleaning is per square foot, not per room!

Floor Polishing

We keep your floors looking shiny and new! We specialize in cleaning hard floor surfaces including concrete, terrazzo and ceramic. Semi-annual and annual floor polishing maintenance programs available.

Tile Cleaning

Tired of dirty tiles? Or need your tiles resealed? We can restore the look of your tile by getting the hidden dirt out and providing new sealant!

Construction Clean-Up

Construction debris can be unsightly, we are here to help! We provide post and interim construction clean-up. Keep your site clean and accident free!

Disinfecting Spraying for Covid 19

Control the spread of infectious disease like COVID-19, Influenza, Norovirus, etc. We offer Disinfectant Spray Treatment to ensure the highest level of protection for the employees and customers of your busines. We offer Mass building disinfecting, isolated area disinfecting, and other custom disinfecting options. We also provide emergency spraying and routine preventative spraying.

What Sets Key Cleaning Apart?


Quality Assurance

At Key Cleaning Services, we believe in managing proactively. Quality assurance is an ongoing process for all accounts. It begins with proper training of each employee in the methods to achieve Key’s high standards for all work tasks. A Supervisor evaluates all assigned workers nightly. Managers visit each site on a regular interval and an inspection report is generated.

Inspection reports are reviewed with the Supervisor and the employee responsible for that site. Follow up inspections are performed within 24 hours of any negative inspection. Key Cleaning Services Inc. maintains an active public relations program of personal on-site contact, along with on-going quality assurance inspections. The combination is “Key” to providing a successful overall preventative maintenance program for each facility.


Emergency Cleaning

Unexpected events happen and some require an emergency cleanup. Timing is critical in these situations to prevent further damage and preserve a healthy environment. Key Cleaning Services is available 24/7 to handle these emergencies. As emergency cleaning issues arise, they will be dispatched to a Key Cleaning Area Supervisor for immediate response.

  • As emergency cleaning issues arise, they will be dispatched to a Key Cleaning Area Supervisor for immediate response.
  • Key Cleaning Supervisors and Managers are provided with cell phones to facilitate immediate
    responses in a timely and prompt fashion.


Security and Safety

At Key Cleaning, we take safety very serious. All Key Cleaning employees are orientated in security and safety procedures, including cleaning chemicals, equipment, and physical safety. In addition, all employees are background checked and random drug screens are performed. When you choose Key Cleaning, you are choosing a reliable, professional, well-trained cleaning team!

Ready To Partner With Key Cleaning?

We make it easy to get a customized quote tailored to your cleaning needs!


Give Us A Call

Call our office at 269-948-8381 and let us know your general information and basic needs.


Facility / Job Review

A Key Cleaning Manager will walk through your facility/look at your job and provide a tailored quote customized to your specific needs.


Cleaning Partnership

Once your quote is accepted, we begin an amazing partnership with you providing cleaning or maintenance needs!